nerezovy bazen preliv imaginox

IMAGINOX stainless steel overflow pool in a designer private spa

We present a beautiful implementation of a private internal wellness, located near Sokolov in the Czech Republic. The sunny swimming hall with an overflow stainless steel pool and a glass view of the garden makes a unique impression. Judge for yourself!

The advantage of IMAGINOX stainless steel pools is modern design, long service life or easy operation. The client wanted a stainless steel pool 10 meters long, 5 meters wide and 1.9 meters deep. The pool equipment was individually adapted to the client’s wishes. The pool has a massage tube bench, FLUVO RONDO counter-current, white LED WIBRE lighting and lamella cover.

The pool has a gray lamella roof, which is located in the wall of the pool. Covering the pool indoors is practical and helps maintain the water temperature. At the same time, it prevents water evaporation. Right next to the stainless steel pool is the beautiful Tao Trust sauna.