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Stainless steel pool – hygienic, sustainable and design

Stainless steel pool – hygienic, sustainable and design

Stainless steel pools excel in their long service life and hygienic harmlessness. Let’s take a look at the advantages of stainless steel and its use in commercial wellness, public swimming pools or swimming pools.

Stainless steel as the ideal hygienic material for your wellness

As such, stainless steel is suitable where hygiene is very important. From various commercial wellness, swimming pools for the general public to medical institutions that have high hygiene standards. This is because smooth surfaces prevent contamination from microorganisms and at the same time make cleaning easier. Dirt is difficult to form and retain on the smooth surface of the walls, so the use of this material is optimal.

Recent research has shown that metal ions have a positive effect on suppressing and destroying bacteria and do not harm the human body. It is therefore ideal for maintaining the required hygienic safety of a commercial wellness or swimming pool.

The surface of stainless steel is smooth and porous. It is much more convenient than ceramic tiles with joints. As a result, the consumption of disinfectants and chemicals required for maintenance and cleaning is lower. The circulating hydraulics of stainless steel pools, where all nozzles are located in the bottom of the pool, guarantees perfect mixing of water without “dead corners” and places where water does not circulate.

Sustainability and unique design for the commercial sector

When you compare stainless steel with other materials for swimming pools, then the stainless steel design is unrivaled in terms of durability. Stainless steel was invented in 1931 and immediately spread to many industries, various scientific fields, construction, food and medicine.

Stainless steel is also popular due to its sustainability. It is a 100% recyclable material, repeatedly and without loss of quality. As such, stainless steel is made from natural materials without the contribution of chemicals. These include iron, chromium, nickel, and several other metals. The carbon footprint that is created during the production of a stainless steel pool is offset by its long service life, while the production process consumes a minimum amount of fuels and is thus environmentally neutral.

We must not forget that stainless steel is a very elegant timeless material. A stainless steel pool is a beautiful aesthetic addition to any space, whether outdoor or indoor luxury wellness facilities. Stainless steel pools can have any shape.

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