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Pool Story: Realization of the IMAGINOX Stainless-Steel Pool!

Pool Story: Realization of the IMAGINOX Stainless-Steel Pool!

We present to you the project of the IMAGINOX stainless-steel skimmer pool  with dimensions of 10 x 4 x 1.4 metres in the Central Bohemian Region!

The first contact with this customer occured in our showroom in Prague, where the idea was clarified in terms of the dimensions and design of the swimming pool, filtration system, equipment and water attractions, type of covering and choice of pool technology.

In this case, the pool is equipped with a sophisticated children’s paddling pool featuring a handle and a retractable fence, as well as skimmer filtration technology with 2 skimmers, a design corner staircase with a rest bench, 3 light reflectors, and last but not least an automatic solar lamella integrated into the pool wall.

After several days of assembly, commissioning and final cleaning, the pool was filled with water and the operation of the pool technology was tested.
Aftercare service of the pool is in the case of this project covered by our service team, which provides, for example, overwintering or resumption of operation of the pool after the winter and replenishment of pool chemicals.

Are you interested in a professional installation? Don’t hesitate to contact us or order a catalogue for free!