Vertically Movable Pool Floors

A vertically movable pool floor is a luxurious, space-saving solution that merges modern technology with timeless design. It's an elegant cover system that extends your terrace or interior, matching the surrounding flooring.

This system offers adjustable pool depths, from paddling to swimming, with a concealed hydraulic mechanism, transforming the pool area into space for furniture and accessories in just moments.

  • A unique pool cover design solution
  • Maximum safety, entirely automatic operation
  • Adaptable to any pool size, shape, and type

Horizontally Movable Pool Floors

A movable terrace is a space-efficient solution that offers an ideal combination of a pool cover with an area for outdoor furniture. The sliding terrace is fully automated for ease of use and fits various pool types and sizes.

The cover's opening direction is adaptable with options for movement along the pool's width, length, or opening in two separate sections.

  • Terrace usability
  • Modern appearance
  • Security and steadiness

Innovative Technology

AquaFloors specializes in desing and production of automatized pool cover, merging expert craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, and the finest materials for superior quality and performance.

Our commitment to constant innovation and technological advancement ensures we use cutting-edge materials and processes. Therefore, Aquafloors products excel in quality, functionality and aesthetics, while adhering to contemporary trends.

  • High-tech innovative solutions
  • Individual approach and project planning
  • Modern production and experienced team

AquaFloors references

Modern Automatized Solution for All Pools

Cutting-edge Innovation and Excellent Craftsmanship


About AquaFloors

AquaFloors excels in producing state-of-the-art automated movable pool floors delivering tailor- made solutions, thorough planning, and impeccable execution of projects across the globe. The company's modern production techniques and skilled professional installation ensure the success and longevity of every project.

AquaFloors is an integral member of the Imaginox, group of specialized companies focused on premium spa segment. The full spectrum of services, from design to after-sales support, underlines their dedication to excellence, guaranteeing optimal performance and customer satisfaction.

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