Stainless Steel Pools

A pool can be more than just a refreshing retreat; it can also become an eye-catching feature that enhances the relaxing space where it is located. Imaginox pools, with their longevity and low upkeep, are an excellent choice for both private and commercial settings.

We can customize the pool's size and shape, complete with water features, or even enhance the design with optional glass walls.

  • Very long durability and easy maintenance
  • Customizable shapes and design
  • Feasibility for installation in hard-to-access locations

Stainless Steel Hot Tubs

Enhance both private homes and commercial wellness centers with the luxury of a stainless-steel spa. It is ideal for serene relaxation or as a stylish highlight in a hotel or spa setting.

Together with premium individual design, durability, and quality, stainless steel hot tubs from IMAGINOX meet the highest standards and expectations.

  • Tailor-made production
  • Selection of features and equipment
  • Customized design with 3D models

Individual Projects

IMAGINOX specializes in bringing one-of-a-kind projects to life. We are renowned across Europe for our ability to implement the most original and creative designs.

Our expertise with stainless steel allows for the construction of pools in any form and size at almost any location such as rooftop skyscrapers terraces, cruise ship decks, building basements, etc.

  • Individual handcrafted production
  • Experience with the highest discerning customers
  • International project implementation

IMAGINOX Pool References

Individual stainless-steel production

Handmade products made to measure


About Imaginox Pools

IMAGINOX Pools stands at the forefront of manufacturing from stainless steel in Europe, with a focus on crafting swimming pools, hot tubs, and assorted wellness facilities. The use of stainless steel ensures our products are of superior quality and durability, boasting robust construction, distinctive aesthetics, and long-lasting, low-maintenance performance.

While we provide a varied selection of standard stainless-steel pools and hot tubs, our expertise lies in bespoke production tailored to the specific desires of our clientele. Collaborating closely with architects, engineers, and designers, we excel in bringing to life distinctive projects that cater to the wide-ranging visions of our customers.

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