Global Dealership

Our strategic location in the middle of Europe allows us to easily export our products globally. In addition, the strong network of experienced wellness product dealers we have abroad is an integral part of our success. Technical training, marketing support, and selected sales representatives for each country are the essential aspects of IMAGINOX dealership support. Because we understand that communication, a fair approach, quality products and individual services are key to successful long-term business partnership and therefore satisfied customers


Worldwide Project Solutions

We specialize not only in production but also project planning of global projects. We have our own project solution company in addition to a network of partners are among the leading companies in their respective markets.

Therefore, we can easily connect you with a dealer of your location or in case of a country without a dealer, you will be taken care by our VIP project department. With both options, you will receive the highest level of customer service and an individual approach.


Developing Global Business Partnerships

Do you think that cooperation between IMAGINOX and your company could create a long-term business partnership? If you are a local wellness products dealer, architect, developer, supplier or focused on a different segment which you think would be a great match, contact us to plan an initial online meeting.


IMAGINOX Companies

Explore various partnership opportunities with the IMAGINOX group or select individual collaboration with a specific manufacturing entity, tailored to your unique needs.

IMAGINOX Headquaters

IMAGINOX Headquaters Located in Czechia, close to Prague

Design showroom next to our productions


Our dealers worldwide

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Are you interested in a business partnership? Contact us! Whether you fill in the query form below or get in touch with our sales managers personally, we are ready to answer all your questions!

Jiří Kachlík

Jiří Kachlík
CEO - Worldwide project & Global business partnership

Mgr. Vladimir Duženkov

Mgr. Vladimir Duženkov
International Sales Manager for Russian-speaking markets

Ing. Marek Fischer, MIM

Ing. Marek Fischer, MIM
International Sales Manager for German-speaking markets

Mgr. Irena Dražanová 

Mgr. Irena Dražanová 
International Sales Manager for English and French-speaking markets

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Are you interested in our latest wordwide projects? Design pools, saunas, movable pool floors and beautiful private and commercial project together in one book.

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Do you want to find new realiable business partner to enhance your porfolio? Connect with our business development team and lets find to cooperate.

We are open to new business partnerships in several markets and looking forward to disscuss the options

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Are you looking for best solution for you or your clients project? Get in touch with our team and discover all the option of products and services we offer.

Our international team will be happy to help you to plan the your wellness projects based on your individual needs.