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Premium Overflow Pool for the Roof Terrace in Israel

Premium Overflow Pool for the Roof Terrace in Israel

The realization that we especially appreciate is this overflow stainless steel pool IMAGINOX made for a private client in Israel. It is located on the roof terrace of a private multi-story building in central Tel Aviv.

The rooftop terrace with breathtaking views provides a real escape from the Israeli capital full of vibrant life. Equipped with a swimming pool, the terrace also offers its owner pleasant refreshing during hot summer days. The design pool with dimensions of 20 x 3 meters dominates the entire roof terrace and, thanks to its length and depth of 1.2 m, creates enough space for swimming and family activities.

IMAGINOX pool overflows on two sides. Nevertheless, the overflow gutter is hidden under the wooden cladding of the surrounding terrace and does not disturb the appearance of the pool and its surroundings. The entrance to the pool is provided by a minimalist bracketed staircase, which is a popular choice for those clients who care about the design of the project. The walls of the pool are thermally insulated and together with the lamellar cover help to maintain the temperature of the pool water.

The stay on the roof terrace is made more pleasant not only by the comfortable seating but also by its ornamental plants. In addition, in the evening the atmosphere is underlined by the RGB LED lighting with which the pool is equipped. Is it the pool what lacks in the perfection of your terrace? Contact us and we will take care of your comfort.