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Pool Replacement – Old Plastic One for a Stainless-Steel Pool

Pool Replacement – Old Plastic One for a Stainless-Steel Pool

In Slovakia, we replaced the old plastic pool with a new IMAGINOX stainless-steel pool measuring 12 x 4 m, with a sloping bottom. Since the pool is to serve a family with a small child, we had to address the issue of safety. Therefore, we installed a stainless-steel handrail around the perimeter of the walls, which serve as a support and stabilization of the blind after covering.

The skimmer pool is covered by an automatic solar blind, the shaft of which is located in the rest bench. The advantage of solar treatment of the lamella is the ability to effectively heat pool water at high temperatures during sunny weather, without consuming electricity. Thanks to this, the pool heats up to a pleasant temperature in just a few hours in summer.

In order to expand the use of the rest bench, we placed 8 hydromassage jets on the wall behind the bench at the client’s request. The pool bottom is also atypically designed – its sloping profile ranges from a classic depth of 1.35 up to 1.8 metres.

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