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Stainless-Steel Pool in the Centre for Psychosomatic Medicine

Stainless-Steel Pool in the Centre for Psychosomatic Medicine

For the psychosomatic centre CEPSYMED in Prague’s Řepy, we built an overflow pool with dimensions of 7.15 x 4.5 x 1.3 metres. Due to the commercial use of the pool, the project’s management decided on the interior location of the pool and, of course, the overflow method of water circulation, which is necessary for public operation. The pool is used mainly by the medical centre for the treatment and prevention of psychosomatic diseases.

To ensure maximum water purity, the client opted for an advanced method of water purification, both through a conventional filtration system and through a medium-pressure UV lamp, which effectively destroys all bacteria, viruses, and other simple organisms and prevents their multiplication. The retractable lamella, which is built into the bottom, also contributes to perfectly clean water – as the potential for bacteria to survive is significantly reduced when the water level is darkened and isolated. In addition, the blind serves as a security element.

In addition to an efficient filtration technology system, the pool is equipped with several safety handrails. Apart from the handrail by the corner stairs, the pool is also equipped with a stainless-steel handrail around its entire perimeter, which is used primarily for rehabilitation exercises. In addition, the pool is complemented by two lights and a speaker integrated directly into the wall.

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