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Stainless steel pool with a lowered bottom suitable for demanding swimmers

Stainless steel pool with a lowered bottom suitable for demanding swimmers

The beautiful IMAGINOX stainless steel pool is part of a family garden near Munich in Bavaria. The overflow pool not only meets high design standards, but it is also suitable for private swimming for fit and passionate swimmers who want to perform well even at home in the garden and actively relax after a working day.

Thanks to its size and equipment, this private deck-level pool provides owners with excellent conditions for swimming at home. Its dimensions are 11 x 5 m. Thanks to the lowered bottom in half the length of the pool, the depth reaches from 1.4 to 1.9 m. The entrance to the pool was made according to the client’s wishes. The stairs are not straight or rounded, as is customary with corner staircases, but geometrically designed steps rise into the pool area.

The pool is also equipped with the UWE JetStream BAMBO 2 counter-current system, which has two jets and lighting. The advantage of dual-jet countercurrents is a balanced flow that provides a more natural swimming experience. Very skilled swimmers too can enjoy the BAMBO 2 countercurrent at full power, but the power of the jets can be adjusted to suit everyone. The pool also has massage jets for more intensive relaxation after swimming.

The pool equipment is completed by a stainless-steel waterspout and an automatic lamella cover with a shutter shaft located in the wall at the bottom. Are you also looking for a pool for the family garden, suitable even for demanding swimmers? Do not hesitate to contact us! For more inspiration, download our catalog for free.