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Stainless-Steel Pool with Safety Attachment and Blind Lock

Stainless-Steel Pool with Safety Attachment and Blind Lock

This IMAGINOX stainless-steel pool is located in Israel. Due to the high temperatures here all year round, the client decided to use a small garden for a substantial part of the stainless-steel pool and wooden terrace.

The main requirement of the client was the absolute safety of their children. For this reason, the inner walls of the pool are provided with a safety edge, which serves to anchor the lamella cover and also to catch it when swimming. Furthermore, we have provided the already mentioned blind with a security lock, which locks the automatic blind in the closed state so that children cannot open it.

The skimmer pool is 7.82 x 3.2 x 1.4 metres, of which the length of the swimming track is 7 metres and the remaining 82 cm is used for the shutter shaft, which is located just behind the pool under the terrace. The pool is equipped with a 60 cm cantilevered staircase, skimmer, and 2 underwater LED RGB reflectors with piezo-button, used to control them.

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