Project Planning & Production & Aftercare

The strength of IMAGINOX is our extensive offer of complex wellness services starting with project planning, through our own production & installation to comprehensive aftercare services. All of that is possible due to our experienced team of project managers, designers, architects, engineers, production & installation workers and technology experts.

Flexibility, Communication and Fair Play realization of IMAGINOX Pool
Private project in Tel Aviv, Israel Private project in Tel Aviv, Israel

Maximum Client Satisfaction

The vision of the company is to grow through recommendations of the group by our satisfied clients. The genuine and positive references of individuals as well as architects, constructers and partners are the strongest justification and the main source of our success.

Global Dealership Network

Our global success is based on the strong network of our partners. We now operate in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North America. We are actively building and opening new markets and we are available for new business partnerships worldwide.

Modern production facilities of IMAGINOX Pools

Company Management

Jiří Kachlík

Jiří Kachlík

Martina Kollárová

Ing. Martina Kollárová

Michal Chotaš

Michal Chotaš

International Sales Department

Mgr. Vladimír Duženkov

Mgr. Vladimir Duženkov
International Sales Manager for Russian-speaking markets

Tel.: +420 721 056 823

Ing. Marek Fischer, MIM

Ing. Marek Fischer, MIM
International Sales Manager for German-speaking markets

Tel.: +420 602 677 426

Mgr. Irena Dražanová 

Mgr. Irena Dražanová 
International Sales Manager for English and French-speaking markets

Tel.: +420 720 978 652

Become Part of the IMAGINOX Team!

We are a Czech company that is constantly growing and we export our products all over the world.

Why Become Part of IMAGINOX Team?

Teambuilding of IMAGINOX company
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Events for Employees

We make sure that friendly spirit and a family atmosphere are always present in the team. That is why the sports and cultural events we organize for our employees are very popular.

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Catering Allowance

Employees receive a meal allowance from us in the form of vouchers.

Employee benefit
Modern background for IMAGINOX Team
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Modern Background

All Imaginox products are made to order for each project in our production facilities in the Czech Republic, which have an area of ​​more than 4600 m2 and are equipped with the most modern machines for working with stainless-steel. All our technologies and production processes are in line with strict quality controls.

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Friendly Team

From a small group of colleagues, it has already grown to be a large group. But even in that, we try to maintain personal relationships and a friendly spirit. We also strengthen our team with after-work activities.

Friendly team of IMAGINOX Company
IMAGINOX is a Czech Company based near Prague.
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Czech Company

We are a Czech company. Thanks to mutual trust, responsibility, courage, and perseverance, we grew in good times and resisted the bad times with all our might- and that spirit has remained.