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Outdoor IMAGINOX pool with wide entrance stairs

Outdoor IMAGINOX pool with wide entrance stairs

This stainless-steel pool is located on a family terrace in the middle of a blooming garden near Prague. The pool fits into the rectangular layout of the terrace, which features a spacious wooden pergola. Thanks to the pool, the outdoor space with a kitchen serves the family not only for grilling and relaxation but also for active recreation during the summer days.

The overflow stainless-steel pool IMAGINOX is 7 x 3.5 meters in size and 1.35 meters deep. It has a wide entrance section with a full staircase consisting of four steps. The staircase and the bottom of the pool are treated with a circular burling stainless-steel surface. An eye-catching overflow gutter is covered by the stainless-steel grid. The pool is equipped with two white LED spotlights from Wibre, installed along the longer wall.

The stainless-steel pool has been complemented by a sliding cover, which protects it from debris and extends the owner’s swimming season. The outdoor wellness area on the terrace also features a designer stainless-steel solar shower with a square shape that matches the pergola’s pillars. The outdoor shower has the advantage of allowing you to shower before entering the pool, helping to keep the pool clean. At the same time, it can serve as a pleasant way to cool down during hot days or as entertainment for children.

Imaginox stainless steel pool under pergola

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