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Movable Terrace AQUAFLOORS for a Family Pool

Movable Terrace AQUAFLOORS for a Family Pool

A horizontally movable floor represents a way of pool covering that not only aids in pool maintenance but also allows for the secure closure of the pool area, making it usable for evening gatherings with family or friends. Look at the implementation of a pool with a movable terrace AQUAFLOORS for a private countryside garden.

In collaboration with our company Aquamarine Spa, we have realized this private pool covered by a movable terrace AQUAFLOORS. The terrace structure consists of an aluminum frame construction covered with a wooden parquet, matching the surrounding garden terrace floor. The horizontally movable floor is equipped with thermal insulation, helping the owner maintain the pool water temperature and extend the swimming season.

The horizontally movable terrace covers a skimmer pool measuring 8 x 4 meters. The terrace dimensions are 8.3 x 4.5 meters, and it opens from the wider side of the pool. Therefore, the rails on which the terrace moves are laid along the shorter sides of the pool. The movement of the terrace in this case is ensured by an external motor controlled by a remote control. The load capacity of the terrace is around 200 kg/m2 and can be used for garden furniture or pool loungers, as utilized by the pool owner.

Read more about the benefits of a movable terrace in our article. Would you like a pool covered with a movable terrace? Contact us, and we will custom make it for you.