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Outdoor Pool with Hidden Overflow Under Stone Panelling

Outdoor Pool with Hidden Overflow Under Stone Panelling

We added an outdoor overflow pool with a built-in solar lamella to a newly renovated Prague villa. In addition to our stainless-steel products, AQUAMARINE SPA also provided our client with a richly equipped home wellness area located in the attic, which included a built-in Finnish KLAFS sauna with a fully glazed front wall and a semi-recessed OPTIMA 880 SUNDANCE SPAS whirlpool.

The IMAGINOX stainless steel pool measuring 10 x 4 x 1.3 metres is situated in front of the main entrance of the magnificent family villa in an elevated part above street level. Because our customer placed priority on a perfectly thought-out design, we solved the filtration technology with a discreet overflow system hidden under the stone cladding. The overflow gutter is located at the height of the upper edge of the pool, which enhances the impression of a continuous water surface running parallel to the level of paving.

The pool is equipped with a cantilevered five-stage staircase, a two-jet countercurrent UWE BAMBO with a capacity of 75 m3 / h, seven LED Wiber lights, and a ZODIAC VORTEX 3 pooled robotic vacuum cleaner. Thanks to the solar surface treatment, the blind can effectively absorb incident sunlight and heat the pool water with it.

In terms of pool technology, this stainless-steel pool is complemented by an ASTRAL lamella filter, two UV lamps, and ASEKO automatic chemistry with a touch screen, which ensures optimal dosing of disinfectants and pH correction.

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