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Two Stainless-Steel Individual IMAGINOX Whirlpools in the Hotel Spa

Two Stainless-Steel Individual IMAGINOX Whirlpools in the Hotel Spa

For the hotel Spa hotel Čapí hnízdo in Olbramovice in the Czech Republic, we designed and manufactured two completely individual stainless-steel IMAGINOX whirlpools. The main selection criterion was the aesthetic aspect of the whirlpool – a combination of modern but industrial-looking stainless steel with natural stone.

Due to the commercial operation, we equipped both hydromassage baths with an overflow filtration system. The water from the whirlpool is poured on one side of the bathtub into the overflow grid below, which is hidden under decorative stones made of black granite – the water flowing down the stainless steel is such a beautiful design element. The remaining edges of the hydromassage baths are provided with overflows lined with longitudinal stone segments.

The first hydromassage bath with dimensions of 3 x 2 metres is located in the private wellness zone – on the terrace. The stainless-steel whirlpool for 2-3 people is equipped with an ergonomically shaped double bed and a tubular bench on the opposite side, where both resting places are equipped with water and air jets.

The second whirlpool with dimensions of 4.25 x 2.5 metres is also located on the terrace, but this time in the public area – for this reason, it was designed to accommodate as many people as possible. Up to 10 seats offer perimeter installed air benches, which is in combination with bottom geysers and hydromassage jets.

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