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Overflow Stainless Steel Swimming Pool in the Mountain Resort in Switzerland

Overflow Stainless Steel Swimming Pool in the Mountain Resort in Switzerland

In the case of this realization, our task was the production and installation of the overflow stainless steel pool IMAGINOX, which is in the interior of the luxury wellness hotel Bergwelt Grindelwald in the center of the mountain resort Jungfrau. For the terrace of the hotel wellness, we also implemented an outdoor stainless-steel whirlpool IMAGINOX with a view of the majestic mountain panorama.

The indoor heated pool IMAGINOX with dimensions of 10.2 x 3.5 m is equipped with a spacious staircase complemented by a stainless-steel railing, which allows access to the water comfortably for each guest. On the opposite side of the pool is a stainless-steel tubular bench providing space for a well-deserved rest after swimming. For more intense relaxation, the pool is enriched with a massage wall.

The IMAGINOX stainless steel pool wonderfully complements the look of the entire interior. The pool uses the impressive effect of colored LED RGB lighting, which emotionally warms the entire space and completes the concept of the hotel spa, which their owner named the Fire & Ice Spa after the film of the same name from the eighties. Intimate lighting also gives visitors of the public wellness a sense of comfort and privacy.

The outdoor stainless-steel whirlpool IMAGINOX was created to measure according to the client’s wishes. The whirlpool measuring 5.23 x 3.92 m will delight the guests of the hotel wellness in every season. It is designed for relaxation in the open air, has a wide tubular bench and massage jets.

The IMAGINOX stainless steel whirlpool is covered on two sides with a high wall to provide the visitor with privacy and a wonderful view of the mountain ranges at the same time. In this case, too, the whirlpool fits into the overall Fire & Ice Spa concept: the whirlpool is heated, while its bright blue surface reflects the strength of the surrounding glaciers and the alpine landscape. Would you also like modern wellness with a pleasant atmosphere for your hotel? Do not hesitate to contact us.