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Luxury Pool with the Movable Floor in an Exclusive Skyscraper in Israel

Luxury Pool with the Movable Floor in an Exclusive Skyscraper in Israel

This breath-taking realization is located in a luxury penthouse on the top 34th floor of a skyscraper in Netanya. The overflow stainless-steel pool IMAGINOX with a wide staircase, equipped with a movable floor and LED RGB lighting, is 10 x 3 meters in size. The pool has its three “brothers” in this and the next building of the Briga Towers complex. You can read more about the journey of our four pools to the place of implementation and about the installation itself here.

The biggest advantage of this stainless-steel pool IMAGINOX is the vertically movable floor, which allows its owner to set any depth – from the swimming pool to the children’s paddling pool. The maximum adjustable depth of the pool floor is 1.3 meters. During the lifting of the pool floor, the water is simply poured under the floor. The vertically movable floor is fully automated, just by pressing a button on the control panel is possible to set the depth you want now.

The bottom of the pool can be fully raised, completely covering the pool, and thus expanding the area of the roofed terrace. For this reason, the pool floor is tiled as well as the surrounding floor. The wide staircase, with which the pool is equipped, does not prevent the pool floor from being raised or lowered completely. On the contrary, the bottom adapts to the levels of the stairs. The construction of the movable floor can therefore be adapted to any type of staircase and pool accessories.

Thanks to the lifting bottom, the pool becomes a luxurious and unobtrusive architectural accessory of the apartment. This pool cover system is a safe, practical and at the same time design solution for effectively using the interior and exterior space. With a movable pool floor, it is possible to have a terrace and a pool at the same time. If you want to learn more about the possibilities of pool cover, do not hesitate to contact us.