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Pool Installation – IMAGINOX Interior Stainless-Steel Pool

Pool Installation – IMAGINOX Interior Stainless-Steel Pool

When the pool is realized in hard-to-reach places, the pool structure is manufactured and imported in a disassembled state, and the individual parts are welded on site! See how construction works from start to finish!

In the case of this Prague project, it was a stainless-steel skimmer pool with dimensions of 6 x 2.8 metres and an individually selected depth of 1.42 metres. Due to the small size of the pool, the owners opted for a recessed staircase into the wall of the pool, to which we also added two designer stainless steel handrails.

For the client to make the most of all the possibilities of hydrotherapy, we chose the powerful FLUOVO single-jet counter-current from the optional equipment, installed four bead massage jets around it, and, last but not least, integrated four underwater reflectors into the long wall.

The stainless-steel construction also includes a storage shaft for an automatic lamella covering, which is located due to the limited dimensions at the bottom of the pool. In addition to the classic ASTRAL laminate filter, the owners are also taken care of by the ASEKO automatic chemistry and two UV lamps.

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