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Atypically Shaped Indoor Pool with Massage Bench

Atypically Shaped Indoor Pool with Massage Bench

The design-furnished home wellness room with swimming pool, sauna, and relaxation area combines sharply cut geometric shapes with subtle natural tones – through this space creates a very modern, but at the same time relaxed impression. In this project, we implemented an atypically shaped IMAGINOX stainless-steel pool, which we had to adapt to this polygonal space.

The IMAGINOX stainless-steel skimmer pool measuring 5.9 x 2.5 x 4.9 x 2.7 x 0.8 metres was equipped with above-standard equipment at the client’s request – the pool thus offers a massage jet bench, under which an automatic lamella is also aesthetically built-in and there is also a powerful countercurrent.

The roller shutter cover is very practical even in the case of indoor implementations, for two reasons: it prevents water evaporation and the infiltration of dirt, which significantly simplifies the overall maintenance of the pool and the room. The entrance part of the pool is formed by a straight corner staircase in the narrowed part.

The shape and dimensions of the pool were adapted to the last detail of the perimeter of the building, where the framing of the pool is fully hidden under the floating floor. Want to know more about our stainless-steel products? Don’t hesitate to contact us!