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Private Stainless-Steel Wellness Area

Private Stainless-Steel Wellness Area

Private stainless-steel wellness area in a modern family house-it was in this environment that we built a large stainless-steel pool and a design whirlpool in the shape of a drop, which our client had produced on request.

We installed the IMAGINOX stainless-steel swimming pool with dimensions of 8.4 x 3.5 x 1.42 m in the already finished interior, so we had to import the individual components manufactured in our production hall in a disassembled state and weld them to the final form on site. The pool is cleaned by skimmer filtration and is equipped with a countercurrent and automatic shutter built into the bottom of the pool.

The unique design of the IMAGINOX stainless-steel whirlpool was completely customer made. The internal design of the bathtub was taken care of by our designers, who equipped the hydromassage bathtub with an air bench, a bottom geyser, and an ergonomically shaped lounger with 4 large jets for intensive back massage.

In addition, thanks to its shape, it fits perfectly into the space of a family house. Order our catalogue for free!