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Stainless-Steel Pool in Geometric Modern Design

Stainless-Steel Pool in Geometric Modern Design

Based on positive references, a client from Nové Město nad Metují came to us with the wish to build a stainless-steel swimming pool in the garden of a family house, as well as an indoor sauna from our business partner AQUAMARINE SPA.

A space of 11.7 x 3.5 x 1.4 metres was reserved for the construction of the outdoor pool, which we had to adhere to with precision. The pool thus copies the house on one side and a stone wall on the other – for this reason it is not a standard rectangular shape but has one wall bevelled.

The staircase, which leads over a bench in which an automatic solar lamella is built-in, is also atypically shaped. This type of placement of the blind has the advantage in two respects, on the one hand, it provides a place for rest and on the other hand, it does not require the provision of space for placement of the blind outside the pool.

This IMAGINOX stainless-steel pool is in a skimmer design, which due to its size has 2 skimmer gutters. Order our catalogue for free!