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Stainless-Steel Swimming Pool with Overflow Above a Glass Partition

Stainless-Steel Swimming Pool with Overflow Above a Glass Partition

This stainless-steel IMAGINOX pool is exceptional particular for its unusual anchoring and the style of the overflow system. The pool is inserted into the sloping terrain with only one wall, where the other three are self-supporting and overflowing. The unique design of the whole realization is further enhanced by a glass partition, through which water is poured into a hidden gutter under stones.

The stainless-steel pool measuring 13 x 4 x 1.35 m is located next to a family house in the Central Bohemian Region. The technology of the pool is practically stored in a shaft under the terrace lining, where the same “hidden” system is used for the automatic solar lamella, which is built into the bottom of the pool.

Aesthetics also played a major role in the selection of additional equipment. The client chose a cantilevered stainless-steel staircase and designer LED lighting, which was placed in the form of light strips just below the edges of the walls, additionally combined with individual LED lights.

The terrace, which is lined with wood and part of which is used for storage space – both for the mentioned pool technology and for the cooling chest, the lid of which is hinged to the edge by the stairs.

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