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Stainless-Steel Whirlpool in the Shape of a Star

Stainless-Steel Whirlpool in the Shape of a Star

The IMAGINOX stainless-steel whirlpool in the shape of a star, which we designed for commercial wellness and fitness centre 3PLE in Košice, where it is the central design element of the entire implementation. The whirlpool is located in the middle of the room, which serves as a “crossroads” for other spa treatments on offer.

The main requirement of the client was the spaciousness of the whirlpool due to commercial use and precisely for this reason, the whirlpool offers space for at least 10 adults. We also made a non-traditional and very unusual design shape of the whirlpool at the client’s request and at the same time we played with the overflow: the water is purified by pouring through the walls of the bath into the overflow gutter hidden under the stone cladding copying the outline of the whirlpool at floor level.

The star shaped whirlpool is equipped with tubular loungers and benches, which mediate a pleasant bead massage, and at the same time, it has several hydromassage and air jets for deep muscle relaxation. The regeneration of the feet, which is facilitated by  several bottom nozzles integrated into the immediate vicinity of the seats, has not been forgotten either. Last but not least, the hydromassage bath is complemented by a stainless-steel V-shaped staircase and a handrail facilitating entry and exit from the water.

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