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New BRIGA TOWERS project in Tel Aviv

This year brought us a large number of foreign projects, and one of them was the implementation of two stainless steel pools for a two-tower complex of luxury apartments , the BRIGA TOWERS in Tel Aviv, which we installed on their roof up on the 34th floor!

New BRIGA TOWERS project in Tel Aviv

Swimming pools located on high-rise buildings are becoming more and more popular. We are glad that we can fulfil our clients’ wishes, even though these foreign realizations are preceded by a long journey and a relatively complicated installation.

And how does such a foreign project work? In this case, we loaded both finished pool structures at the production facility in Vrchotovy Janovice into two trucks for oversized transport, where they were transported to the port city of Koper in Slovenia in one day. In Koper, a contracted transhipment to a cargo ship followed, where the stainless-steel pools were transferred to shipping containers.

The fourteen-day voyage ended in Tel Aviv, Israel, from where the stainless-steel structures were transported to their destination – two modern skyscrapers of the BRIGA TOWERS apartment complex. But it does not end with the more than two weeks of transport – the next task was to place the pools on the roofs of two hotel buildings with a crane. See in the following video what such a procedure looks like!


In the last phase, it is necessary to settle the relocated structures in the prepared excavations, cover the pools, insulate them, put them into operation, carefully clean their surface and then fill them with water. After starting and checking the operation of pool technologies, our work ends after several weeks spent on installations – at this moment we hand over the pools to the client and leave for the Czech Republic.

Are you interested in other projects that we have implemented abroad? Write or call us, we will be happy to meet you!