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The Benefits of a Movable Terrace for the Pool

A vertically movable pool floor is a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution for covering a pool. On one hand, it extends the space of your terrace with a versatile area, and on the other, it secures the pool, simplifies its maintenance, and helps maintain the pool water temperature. The movable terrace can be customized not only to match the appearance of your house or garden but also to fit your space due to its variable opening and adaptable shape and size. It enables a secure and effective utilization of your outdoor space.

The Benefits of a Movable Terrace for the Pool

With a vertically movable floor, you no longer need to choose between the designated pool area and a seating space. This method of pool covering allows you to expand your garden terrace to encompass the pool area. The standard load capacity of a movable terrace is around 200 kg/m2. This area can be utilized, for instance, for garden furniture, a dining table, or sun loungers – in any preferred manner. Naturally, you’ll enjoy all the benefits that arise from covering your pool. The movable terrace helps maintain the temperature and cleanliness of the pool water, reducing the costs of heating and pool maintenance. The aluminum structure is complemented with thermal and waterproof panels, designed to prevent dirt and rainwater from entering the pool.

The implementation of a vertically movable floor is possible for both newly built and existing pools. When choosing a movable terrace, you can select any desired wood cladding material, thus connecting the pool covering with the appearance of your existing terrace. The direction in which the cover opens can also be adjusted. Most commonly, the terrace moves along the width of the pool. So, you can also choose a movement along the longer dimension of the pool or divide the cover into two parts that open separately. This allows you to adapt the movable terrace to various pool types and sizes, as well as integrate it into the pool’s surroundings. Operating the movable terrace is straightforward; the covering is fully automated and moves on small tracks embedded in the terrain to prevent hindrance during walking. The terrace system can be connected to a smart home and controlled using a mobile phone.

The primary advantage of pool covering with a vertically movable floor is its safety. The terrace is equipped with locks that fix it in both the open and closed positions. The automated mechanism locks it after opening or closing, and the cover cannot be manually moved. When the cover is closed, there is no contact with the water surface. The movable terrace completely seals off the pool and protects your children and pets from falling into the pool.