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Pool with wooden cladding in the middle of Madeira’s nature

Pool with wooden cladding in the middle of Madeira’s nature

How a luxury pool with a vertically movable floor can complement the modern exterior of design projects can be seen in our earlier reference articles about our projects in Israel or Malta. In this article, we would like to show you alternative solutions for a pool with a movable floor and other options when you choose a vertically movable floor.

This pool is situated on the terrace of a family villa near Funchal in Madeira. It differs from most of our realizations of pools with vertically movable floors in terms of its cladding. The terrace, offering a beautiful view of the exquisite Madeiran nature, is not tiled with natural stone or tiles, but rather wood. Wood better connects the residential part of the house and the terrace with the surrounding nature, helping to maintain the character of the location.

For this reason, the owner also opted for wooden cladding for the interior of the pool. Wood does not hinder the comfortable use of the pool, or its maintenance and water treatment. However, special attention must be paid to the cladding itself, adapting cleaning and long-term maintenance to this material. Maintenance is made easier by the fact that the bottom can be fully extended, allowing the wooden cladding to dry first.

Only the pool floor is covered with wood, while the walls are tiled with ceramic tiles and equipped with lighting and niches that enhance child safety in the pool. After raising the bottom and closing the pool, the surface of the floor blends with the surrounding ground, creating a unified terrace space. The resulting area can be utilized in any manner while respecting the load-bearing capacity of the pool floor. Read more about the benefits of a pool with a vertically movable floor in our article. Have you a clear idea about your new pool with – or without – a movable floor cover? Contact us, and we will create it entirely tailored to your needs!