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Unique stone whirlpool for luxury private terrace

Unique stone whirlpool for luxury private terrace

In this article, we would like to introduce a slightly unusual but exceptional and original project that we have completed together with our Israeli partner. It is a luxury circular whirlpool custom-made from natural Italian stone.

We designed this original whirlpool for one of our private projects in Israel. Its diameter is 3.3 m and height is 0.55 m. The whirlpool body was made from Italian travertine by the company VASELLI. The whirlpool was then transported in four blocks from Italy to the site of installation, where our installers completed it, installed stainless-steel technology and piping, and connected it to the pool technology for water maintenance.

The equipment of the whirlpool includes stainless-steel elements for water circulation, two opposing white LED lights, and 12 massage jets – 6 hydro massage and 6 smaller air jets for a gentler back massage. The layout of the whirlpool is arranged for 6 massage spots. The stone whirlpool offers comfortable relaxation with a stunning view from the roof terrace of a luxury private apartment, which is adorned not only by the whirlpool but also by the low reflective IMAGINOX pool.

original stainless steel water feature on israeli project

We custom-made the original water feature to fill the corner space of the terrace and surround the seating and potted plant areas. The skimmer pool is 0.5 m deep and covers an area of 10×5 m.

original tailored stainless-steel water feature

Two stepping stones in the middle of the pool connect the individual seating areas. The lighting is also impressive, as the water feature is equipped with 6 RGB LED lights that give the entire terrace space a unique atmosphere.

roof terrace with Imaginox whirlpool made from italian stone

This private Israeli project represents a unique and exceptional reference in our portfolio. We are happy to create similarly unconventional wellness products for you as well. There are no limits to your wishes, so do not hesitate to contact us!