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Are you longing for refreshment? Equip your wellness or garden with a cooling shower!

For hygienic reasons, a shower is an essential feature of every public and private wellness facility. However, it does not have to serve only for cleansing purposes; showers can also provide a gentle cooling method after a sauna session or become an experiential addition to your relaxation zone. And the choice is truly wide.

Are you longing for refreshment? Equip your wellness or garden with a cooling shower!

When choosing a cooling shower, there are countless options available. You can choose from outdoor stainless-steel showers or indoor variants, often individually customized. We can install a cooling shower for you in any space or modify it according to your requirements.

An outdoor stainless-steel shower is suitable for cooling down after sauna sessions or for pleasant refreshment during summer days. Outdoor showers are equipped with a solar panel for water heating. Solar showers can heat the water in the reservoir up to a comfortable 40°C with the help of sunlight. They have a lever faucet that allows you to regulate the water temperature. If you are not a fan of intense cooldowns, a solar shower can provide just the right level of refreshment for you.

An attractive design of a multifunctional solar shower can enliven any garden. The range includes rounded and square models with an elegant stainless-steel finish. You can customize the shower according to your preferences and have it painted in a color of your choice to perfectly fit into the design of your wellness zone.

A shower does not have to serve only for cooling; experiential showers are becoming increasingly popular in both public and private wellness facilities. Additionally, you can enhance the shower with dramatic or soothing lighting, turning the cooling experience into an even more intense sensation combined with chromotherapy. Colorful LED lighting offers different shades, allowing you to choose the light that corresponds to your current mood for your bath.