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The Most Popular Form of Pool Cover – Lamella Cover

An automatic roller shutter, i.e., a lamella cover, is the most common choice for pool covering. In what lies its popularity among stainless-steel pool owners? It is not only related to the lower purchase price compared to other types of cover, but also to the options that are offered when choosing an automatic lamella cover. See with us what they are like.

The Most Popular Form of Pool Cover – Lamella Cover

The lamella cover is a tasteful and practical aid in pool maintenance. It not only protects the water surface from invading impurities but also helps to maintain its temperature. The advantage of this covering is the possibility of choosing from several types and color variants of lamellas. In addition to standard lamellas, you can choose solar ones, which can heat the pool by 4-8 °C during a summer day.

The automatic roller shutter is a popular type of pool cover also due to its compactness, ease of use, and zero demands on space around the pool. In addition, the lamellas can be secured with support handles and other safety elements that increase the load-bearing capacity of the covering and with it the safety of your entire family and pets.

And that regardless of what shape or type of pool you have. Your pool doesn’t have to be just rectangular, because the lamellas of the automatic roller shutter can be adapted to the various shapes of the pool. It is possible to modify them for a rounded end, narrowing, and other asymmetries of the pool. The lamella cover shaft is an integral part of the pool body. It can be placed on the bottom or on the wall of the pool. A popular variant in a stainless-steel pool is to have the roller at the bottom under the bench.


For clients who choose an IMAGINOX stainless-steel pool, the modern design of the implementation is often important. For such a purpose, an automatic roller shutter is an excellent choice. The lamella cover is a minimalist element that blends with modern taste. The color range of lamellas from which you can choose offers muted neutral tones that are suitable for any realization. You can adapt the appearance of the covered pool to your exterior or interior.

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