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Advantages of Pool Cover with a Vertically Movable Floor

The vertically movable floor has become a real hit in the field of swimming pools and wellness in recent years. And no wonder – covering the pool with a movable floor is not only a matter of design, but also a technologically advanced, and above all safe, system of covering the water level. You will automatically raise the bottom of the pool; the water will flow under it and the pool area will close. The movable floor will make an ordinary pool the pride of your interior or exterior.

Advantages of Pool Cover with a Vertically Movable Floor

And what are the leading benefits of a movable floor? The basic task of covering with a vertically movable floor is the same as for other types of pool covers, namely, to cover the pool and thus save your costs for its heating and maintenance of pool water. But the vertically movable floor brings many more benefits and options:

●            Adjustable depth in the pool

A pool with a movable floor is an ideal solution for families with children. The system allows you to stop the rising or declining of the floor at any level and set the desired depth of the pool which is variable. For the youngest members of the household, you can set just 5 cm and create a safe paddling pool, older children will appreciate the medium-deep pool for their playing, and you can later swim in the pool with full depth.

●            Safety

Thanks to the possibility of regulating the depth, the swimming pool with a movable floor is a safe choice for households with children or pets. When the pool is completely covered, the bottom rises to the level of the surrounding floor, and not only does it completely prevent, for example, falling into the pool, but it also creates a barrier-free space. In addition, you can secure the movable floor control from children with a code.

●            Easy handling

Controlling the movable floor couldn’t be easier. You can set the depth of the pool or its complete coverage at the touch of a button. In addition, the automatic movable floor system can be connected to smart home and controlled from a mobile application.

●            Space usage options

The movable floor is made of high quality and durable stainless steel, which ensures the high strength of the constriction. The load-bearing capacity of the movable floor is up to 200 kg/m2. As a result, it transforms the swimming pool into universally usable space, for example for garden furniture. With a movable floor, you can treat yourself to an evening barbecue with friends in the same place where you enjoyed swimming in the afternoon.

●            Variability of design

The installation of the vertically movable floor is possible in skimmer and overflow pools of any shape and allows the selection of several water accessories. In production, the movable floor adapts to the parameters of the pool, such as the type of stairs, while the bottom cladding adapts to the surrounding floor so as not to disturb the appearance of your terrace.

●            Modern design

Today, the vertically movable floor is the most luxurious and modern type of pool cover, which is by its very nature a minimalist type of pool cover with zero demands on the surrounding space. It forms an inconspicuous but important element of the space and does not disturb its design, on the contrary, it underlines the modern appearance of the surrounding environment.

●            Possibility of use in medical and rehabilitation centers

The movable floor basically allows barrier-free access to the pool. For the purposes of physiotherapy, the construction of the pool body must be adapted to rehabilitation needs and supplemented with the necessary safety elements, thanks to which we are able to implement a swimming pool with a movable floor as a medical aid for physically handicapped people. An example is the swimming pool at the Beroun Rehabilitation Hospital. Wellness equipment for this hospital was realized years ago by our partner AQUAMARINE SPA, on whose website you can view the reference.

Watch the video of the realization of a swimming pool with a vertically movable floor on the terrace of a family house. You can see what impression the swimming pool with a movable floor gives in the interior in our references.

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