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Stainless-steel pools for original projects – individual IMAGINOX pools of the X-System type

X-System stainless-steel pools are here for everyone with a technologically advanced project, a specific vision, or a more difficult-to-access interior. The pool is completely tailored to suit the given space and individual, often very specific requirements. Popular variants are pools with a negative edge, a sloping bottom, or original water features with stepping stones for designer exteriors.

Stainless-steel pools for original projects – individual IMAGINOX pools of the X-System type

Compared to the compact pools and the individual Q-System pools IMAGINOX, the fundamental advantage of the X-System stainless-steel pool construction solution is the complete variability with unlimited possibilities. The pool body is completely welded at the installation site, so the X-System pool can be built anywhere – on terraces with a distinct design or in hard-to-access interiors, such as basements.

The pool can have any shape – in this respect, the production of stainless-steel pools does not impose any restrictions. Stainless steel can be combined with other materials, such as glass or stone, which can be used to replace one or more walls and thus create an original design element that fits into the architectural and visual concept of your project. The entrance part can also be realized individually, or the pool can be equipped with an automatic movable pool floor. The on-site installation also allows complete freedom in choosing water attractions and accessories.

Our team already has a lot of experience with the implementation of individual projects and original design wellness products. Whether it was a pool for a luxury cruise ship, a luxury infinity pool for a private rooftop terrace of a skyscraper, or a pool with a vertically movable floor for the original backdrops of a world-famous reality show. The next distinctive pool can be yours. Get inspiration for your project in our gallery, or follow our social media for regular reference posts!