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Compact stainless-steel pools IMAGINOX

One of the advantages of stainless steel pools is the possibility of individual production of a pool of any shape and dimensions completely tailored. Many clients, however, prefer the traditional shape of the pool – i.e. a rectangular bathtub with commonly used dimensions. That is why we also offer standardized compact models.

Compact stainless-steel pools IMAGINOX

If you want a standard stainless-steel pool for your garden with dimensions of e.g. 7 x 3 m, the compact model is the ideal solution for you. There are several reasons why this is so. One of the advantages is the speed of delivery. The compact pool is completely prepared in the IMAGINOX production hall and delivered in one piece. All that is needed at the place of implementation is to place it and connect it to the pool technology, water supply, electricity, and waste. Another advantage is the price – despite the more expensive transport, the implementation of a compact pool is generally cheaper.

The transport of a large load, i.e. a compact pool as a whole, can appear as a disadvantage. However, we have a lot of experience with it and know that it is not a complication. We have already transported compact pools by land and sea, to mountain resorts, and the roofs of skyscrapers. When purchasing a compact swimming pool, good accessibility of the crane to the location must be taken into account. The only limitation is closed spaces – a compact pool cannot be built indoors.

Usazení bazénu IMAGINOX na střešní terasu

Although you choose a compact model, you can still adapt the pool to your imagination. We offer compact pools in several standardized sizes for skimmer and overflow design, but the dimensions can be individually adjusted. Compact pools also do not limit the choice of entrance staircase, lighting, or pool attractions and can also be supplemented with a negative edge with a glass wall. Get more inspiration for your new pool from our references.

Are you planning a pool for your garden? If you want to catch up with this season, now is the time to order a pool. Contact us and choose the pool according to your wishes.