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IMAGINOX Q-System type stainless-steel pools

To shorten the realization process while still offering you customized solutions for stainless-steel pools, we have prepared a product line of Q-System pools. The biggest advantage is the speed of realization and lower acquisition cost. Q-System pools do not limit you in choosing the shape and dimensions of your stainless steel pool, which we will produce according to your ideas.

IMAGINOX Q-System type stainless-steel pools

Q-System primarily represents a type of construction solution for a stainless-steel pool that facilitates installation and streamlines the realization process. It is a variant of the individual IMAGINOX pools that brings a number of advantages. Q-System pools are available in both skimmer and overflow variants. They differ from compact IMAGINOX pools in their construction: stainless-steel Q-System pools are transported in prefabricated segments and completed on site. Therefore, the technical room for pool technology is not part of the pool body.

Unlike ordinary individual stainless-steel pools, the Q-System construction solution offers significantly easier and faster pool installation. The pool is not completely welded on site, only the segments prepared in production are completed. The pool basin is placed directly on a concrete slab, which must be perfectly level and the pool cannot have a sloping bottom. Overall, however, this principle shortens the installation time of the pool to just a few days, making the complete realization of the pool cheaper. Because the pool is supplied in individual segments, it also requires lower transport costs and can be realized in both outdoor and indoor spaces with good accessibility.

Are you hesitant about the appearance and technical solution of your new pool? Or are you unsure what installation options your space allows? We are happy to help you choose the best construction solution based on your possibilities and ideas. Visit our showroom in Vrchotovy Janovice, get to know our products, and try out the IMAGINOX stainless-steel pools for yourself!