If you want a pool of atypical size, shape or depth, we will be happy to make it according to your individual specifications. For example, we offer stainless steel pools with a sloping bottom with children's paddling pools or connected to whirlpools. Whether you want to equip your pool with a massage zone, or install nozzles and geysers for children’s fun, just tell us your idea and we will be happy to prepare the design, including visualization.

Explore our skimmer pool range
Individual IMAGINOX skimmer pools

Our custom designed pools, unlike our ready-made standard skimmer pools, are mainly produced as individual components which are transported to the installation location and welded together directly on site. As a result, we are even able to install swimming pools in difficult to access areas, such as the interior of an already built house.

Match your pool to your imagination

The basic things you need to consider when planning a swimming pool include, for example, the position and shape of the staircase, stainless steel finish, type of lighting and pool cover. Everything else is up to you and your imagination. When planning your unique stainless pool, there are no limits.

Straight Stairs for Stainless-Steel Pool


Straight Corner Stairs for Stainless-Steel Pool

Straight corner

Straight Round Stairs for Stainless-Steel Pool

Straight round

Corner Stairs with Bench and Steps for Stainless-Steel Pool

Corner with bench – steps

Flush-type Stairs for Stainless-Steel Pool


Bracketed Stairs for Stainless-steel Pool


Ladder for Stainless-Steel Pool


Circular Burling of Stainless Steel Surface

Circular burling – bottom and stairs

Square Burling of Stainless Steel Surface

Square burling – bottom and stairs

Stainless-Steel Milled Surface

Milled surface – walls of the pool

WIBRE LED white Ø50 mm

WIBRE LED white Ø50 mm


WIBRE LED white Ø130 mm

WIBRE LED white Ø130 mm


WIBRE LED white Ø210 mm

WIBRE LED white Ø210 mm


WIBRE LED white Ø240 mm

WIBRE LED white Ø240 mm


ASTRAL LED white Ø250 mm

ASTRAL LED white Ø250 mm


WIBRE LED white atypical

WIBRE LED white atypical

WIBRE LED RGB atypical

Lamellar Cover for IMAGINOX Pools

Lamella Cover

Possibility to discretely store the lamella cover in the bottom or in the wall of the pool. You can choose from two types and 16 different colours.

Sliding Cover for IMAGINOX Pools

Sliding Cover

An outdoor alternative for covering a pool which enables you to swim even during bad weather. You can choose from low, middle, and high cover height.

Horizontally Movable Terrace on IMAGINOX Pool

Sliding Terrace Cover

The designer option for covering a pool. The cover completely hides the pool and is strong enough to place, for example, garden furniture on it.

Vertically Movable Floor in IMAGINOX Pool

Adjustable Floor

A special adjustable hydraulic floor system, which allows you to freely adjust the depth of the pool or completely hide it.





Tube bench

Tube bench

Bottom geyser

Bottom geyser

Massage nozzle

Massage nozzle

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