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IMAGINOX Stainless-Steel Whirlpool in the Luxurious Wellness Grand Hotel Hradec

IMAGINOX Stainless-Steel Whirlpool in the Luxurious Wellness Grand Hotel Hradec

The Grand Hotel Hradec in Pec pod Sněžkou is a modern project in the heart of our highest mountains, where the uniqueness of a traditional tourist center combines the luxurious comfort of the 21st century. You can recharge your energy here not only surrounded by the peace and beauty of the Krkonoše nature but also in the hotel wellness, for which we have implemented an exclusive circular whirlpool and other premium stainless-steel wellness products.

The IMAGINOX circular whirlpool is based on our standardized CULUS model, but it is larger with more massage points. With a diameter of 3.4 meters and a depth of 1 m, it is designed for a comfortable massage for up to 7 people. The hot tub is equipped with 48 back hydromassage jets and 12 bottom jets for foot massage. A tubular bench for sitting around its perimeter also takes care of air massage.

Control is provided by 4 piezoelectric buttons, thanks to which you can regulate your experience of the warming massage. The water temperature of these hot tubs may reach 40 °C. The entrance to the hot water is a three-step staircase equipped with stainless-steel railings on both sides. The staircase is also equipped with LED RGB Wibre lighting, which provides the right atmosphere for a stay in the whirlpool and distinguishes it from the Kneipp path behind the screen.

IMAGINOX Kneipp path in public spa

The Kneipp path was also realized in a circular shape with 4 pools and a central railing. It is 2.2 m in diameter. The effectiveness of the Kneipp procedure is ensured by the pebbles at the bottom of the pools. Colored lighting enhances the sensation of temperature differences during the practice of the procedure, the health benefits of which you can read about in our recent article.

Public IMAGINOX Plunge Pool

The wellness area of the Grand Hotel Hradec also includes an IMAGINOX stainless-steel plunge pool. The size of the cooling pool with a four-step staircase is 1.98 x 1.7 x 1.25 m and it is oriented horizontally. The plunge pool is also equipped with one LED Wibre light and was custom-made together with a railing that was modified for the area of the access staircase.

IMAGINOX Kneipp path in commercial wellness

Are you planning to build new modern hotel wellness or renovate an existing one? Don’t forget premium stainless-steel products, without which exclusive and designer wellness is unimaginable today. Contact us and we will prepare a tailor-made project for you.